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The website www.qtransform.com offers its users a rich database of information, transformations of measurement units and mathematical and physical tools. The transformations published on this site are done automatically by personalization software or some conversions are done manually. All these conversions are done in such a way as to provide a correct and easy-to-access result, but at the same time accessible to all visitors who use this means of information.

Within the site, visitors' questions are provided by our team or by other users of this site.

The qtransform.com site also includes a contact section where users can contact us through a contact form. By uploading your personal data to the qtransform.com site, you assign the rights to the information to our team.

All the information published on this site has an additional and informative character and cannot replace personal research and knowledge. qtransform.com recommends that you contact a specialist or teacher whenever necessary for any concrete uncertainty, thus having the certainty of accurate information.
qtransform.com does not assume any responsibility for the information you will find in different categories for the content of the site, or in any other section where the text is taken from other sites that offer the respective information.

qtransform.com does not assume responsibility for any kind of damage resulting from accessing the information presented on the site. Some unit conversions may be wrong.

We do not guarantee the quality, responsibility, timeliness or accuracy of the information presented or the services provided. Even though we do everything reasonably possible to authenticate the information provided by members at registration, we cannot prevent various people from providing false information or acting for hidden purposes. We cannot guarantee 100% correctness of the calculations.

We request each registered member to act honestly and ethically when using the services offered by qtransform.com. However, we cannot be sure that all information provided by registered members is current and correct. We encourage you to communicate with other members respecting the principles of common sense and prudence. It is your responsibility to evaluate the reliability and accuracy of all forms of warranty provided by other members or found in published documents.

It is your responsibility to register and maintain an accurate Personal Profile (especially when your goal is to add information online) so that visitors receive accurate information through qtransform.com. This service and the information presented on this website are provided "as is", and use of this website is done entirely and exclusively at your own risk. To the extent permitted by law, qtransform.com disclaims any express or implied warranty. qtransform.com does not offer any kind of guarantee that: the service will meet your requirements, the service will be timely and error-free, the results of using the site will be in accordance with the intended purpose, the quality will meet your expectations, or any errors on the site will be corrected. No advice or information, obtained orally or in writing from qtransform.com, shall constitute a warranty unless expressly stated in this Agreement.