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Convert speed

Decameters per hour: dam/h
Kilometers per hour: kph
Decimeters per second: dm/s
Meters per second: m/s
Centimeters per minute: cm/min
Kilometers per day: km/day
Decameters per second: dam/s
Meters per hour: m/h
Millimeters per minute: mm/min
Centimeters per hour: cm/h
Inches per second: in/s
Microns per second: µ/s
Meters per day: m/day
Millimeters per second: mm/s
Decameters per minute: dam/min
Kilometers per minute: km/min
Meters per minute: m/min
Decimeter per minute: dm/min
Kilometers per second: km/s
Yards per day: yd/day
Decimeters per hour: dm/h
Centimeters per day: cm/day
Miles per hour: mph
Hectometers per hour: hm/h
Miles per second: mi/s
Centimeters per second: cm/s
Millimeters per day: mm/day
Microns per minute: µ/min
Microns per minute: µ/h
Hectometers per minute: hm/min
Inches per minute: in/min
Inches per day: in/day
Decimeters per day: dm/day
Knots: knots
Millimeters per hour: mm/h
Feet per hour: ft/h
Miles per minute: mi/min
Feet per second: ft/s
Maches: mach
Yards per minute: yd/min
Decameters per day: dam/day
Hectometers per second: hm/s
Hectometer per day: hm/day
Microns per day: µ/day
Feet per day: ft/day
Yards per second: yd/s
Miles per day: mi/day
Feet per minute: ft/min
Speed of light: c
Yards per hour: yd/h
Inches per hour: in/h


Measurement units

Speed: symbols and abbreviations