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Convert force

Kilopounds force: klbf
Tons force: tf
Kips force: kipf
Joules per meter: J/m
Joules per centimeter: J/cm
Newtoni: N
Kilonewtons: kN
Kilograms force: kgf
Kiloponds: kp
Grams force: gf
Ponds: p
Decanewtons: daN
Pounds force: lbf
Meganewtons: MN
Millinewtons: mN
Centinewtons: cN
Giganewtons: GN
Poundals: pdl
Hectograms force: hgf
Decigrams force: dgf
Ounces force: ozf
Dyne: dyn
Decagrams force: dcgf
Micronewtons: μN
Decinewtons: dN
Hectonewtons: hN
Centigrams force: cgf

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Measurement units

Force: symbols and abbreviations