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Convert pressure

Millimeters water: mmAq
Newtons/square meter: N/m2
Grams force/square centimeter: gf/cm2
Bars: bar
Kilonewtons/square meter: KN/mm2
Newtons/square millimeter: N/mm2
Psi: psi
Kilograms force/square meter: kgf/m2
Kilograms force/square centimeter: kgf/cm2
Kilograms force/square millimeter: kgf/mm2
Kilopascals: kPa
Pounds force/square inch: lbf/in²
Newtons/square centimeter: N/cm2
Inchs mercury: inHg
Millipascals: mPa
Pascals: Pa
Atmospheres: atm
Pounds force/square foot: lbf/ft²
Dynes/square centimeter: dyn/cm2
Inchs water: inAq
Millimeters mercury: mmHg
Hectopascals: hPa
Centipascals: cPa
Millibars: mbar
Centimeters water: cmAq
Feet water: ftAq
Torrs: torr
Long tons force/square foot: Uk t F/ft2
Centimeters mercury: cmHg
Microbars: µbar
Kips force/square inch: kipf/in²
Decapascals: daPa
Decipascals: dPa
Long tons force/square inch: Uk t F/inch2
Short tons force/square inch: US t F/inch2
Short tons force/square foot: US t F/ft2

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Measurement units

Pressure: symbols and abbreviations