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Callippic cycle

Measurement units: time
Symbol: cali
Callippic cycle (cali)
Years (yr)
Years to callippic cycle Callippic cycle to years

For astronomy and calendar studies, the Callippic cycle (or Calippic) is a particular approximate common multiple of the year (specifically the tropical year) and the synodic month, that was proposed by Callippus during 330 BC.
It is a period of 76 years, as an improvement of the 19-year Metonic cycle.
1 callippic cycle = 76 years
  • 1 callippic cycle cali = 1*911.3950815653 months mo
  • 1 callippic cycle cali = 1*76.000000000 years yr
  • 1 callippic cycle cali = 1*2396736000.000000000 seconds s
  • 1 callippic cycle cali = 1*3.3043478260869E-7 galactic years gal
  • 1 callippic cycle cali = 1*39945600.000000000 minutes min